At NZ Timber, we proudly stand by our products and our workmanship. We source only quality Radiata Pine from around New Zealand ensuring you, our customer, can rely on us each and every time.

nz timber, certified quality

NZ Timber operates from a certified sawmill site, providing you with certainty about the engineering properties of our timber.


Aside from our products being independently certified and ‘grade verified’ by Grade Right, NZ Timber’s onsite full-time verified graders are reviewed and audited every three months, providing you further confidence in the quality of the product you receive.

nz timber, verified framing

At NZ Timber, we offer verified graded timber. All our framing products meet NZ standards 3604. We provide G6, G8 and G10 graded timber.


Visual Grade Timber VSG8 can also be provided for job where it is important there are no paint markings visible.


Kiln Dry Framing can be provided in either H1.2 and H3.2 options, for house framing in sizes ranging from 75 x 50mm through to 300 x 50mm.


Battening, no structural top plate packers and ceiling strapping can be provided in sizes ranging from 75 x 40mm through 150 x40mm.

nz timber, timber processing

The timber processing division offers Kiln Drying, Timber Machining, Re-Sawing and Export Packaging.


The Timber treatment plant offers a range of timber treatments. NZ Timber, is one of the few timber procession facilities that can offer customers the stress graded and certified timber, legally required in New Zealand.