NZ Timber has a reputation of being the best timber processing plant in New Zealand. We specialise in the processing of verified framing, outdoor materials and timber products. Based in Orini, near Hamilton, New Zealand, we can deliver your order to any location on earth.

nz timber, outdoor materials

Our Orini plant is famous for introducing a 125×125 senton pile into the building industry. Since then, the NZ Timber plant has diversified into other areas within the timber industry, manufacturing a strong reputation as a leader within markets both foreign and domestic.

NZ Timber has the capacity to process the following quantities per month:

  • Planers can process in excess of 3000m3

  • Treatment plant can process 3800m3 of mixed treatment grades

  • The size of the site allows for a large volume of product to be air-dried at any time. 


MACHINERY: Two Wadkin planers, eight kilns, a 50m3 capacity per charge treatment plant and the longest steamer plant in New Zealand.


SIZE OF SITE: Thirty-five acres with eight dry sheds, three staff rooms, four offices (including a conference room and reception area).


STAFF LEVELS: We have twenty-six fully employed staff on day shift and have the ability to increase our capacity by employing a night shift of 6 staff members if required.